Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: A Month in Review

Wow. The past 31 days have flown by. At the beginning of October I decided to launch this blog that I’ve been sitting on for two years. I choose to focus on health, relationships, home, and heart on my journey of intentional living. Here is a brief update:

Health: I’ve stayed committed to my Body Transformation classes and have chosen to make several small improvements when it comes to what I eat. Simply being mindful of my eating habits can make a big difference.

Relationships: I’ve had such a blast developing relationships with people Downtown (it’s so much easier when you spend five nights a week with them). I’ve also been intentional about spending time with my Christian friends as well. Relationships are such a crucial part of our time here on earth. The most important part of being successful at cultivating them is making them a priority. I got very little house cleaning done this weekend but I invested in people and that pays eternal dividends. No matter how often I clean my house the basset hound will have it covered in drool and hair within the hour. I’d rather spend the bulk of my time investing in things that will last.

Home: Before 31 Days I was spending a lot of time crafting and working on more projects to glorify God in my home. However I’ve done very little crafting this month. (It may have something to do with all those relationships; it’s all about priorities people.) However because crafting is a creative release for me as well as a time to connect with The Creator I want to renew my goal to craft at least once a week.

Heart: I can definitely say that being intentional about keeping my 1000 Gifts list has helped the attitudes of my heart. I’ve committed to linking up every Monday and I bring my journal to work every day. Hopefully this habit will be one I can carry with me my whole life through

69. Evening spent around a fire with hubby and his parents

70. In-laws that I love to spend time with

71. Last minute vacations plans

72. Not failing at my new blog

73. People who’ve joined me on the intentional living journey

Thanks to all of you who have braved the last 31 Days with me. Let's keep pursuing intentional living on this crazy church planting journey.

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  1. To help you with your crafting and your relationship goals, why not invite friends over for a crafting night? That's how some of my mom friends and I spend our MNIs.