Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Neighboring

Perhaps just reading those words, "be a good neighbor," terrifies you. Maybe you're an introvert. Maybe you say "my neighbors are mean/smelly/weird/scary." Yeah, me too, to all of the above.

I have been imperfectly practicing being a good neighbor for the last several years.  I know what it's like to innitiate a conversation when you're an introvert. I know what it's like to fail at neighboring. And what it's like to succeed

Over the next 31 days we'll take a journey to changing the world right where we are, in our own neighborhoods. I'll share real life examples, encouragement, and practical tips for being a good neighbor. 

I also have some exciting guest posts and a giveaway planned. I hope you'll join me on this journey as we seek to live out the Great Commandment. Subscribe below via email and never miss a post.

If you'll be following along I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Day 2: My Neighboring Story
Day 3: When You Realize You're Not in Control
Day 4: Pray for Your Nieghbors
Day 5: Smile and Meet Your Neighbors
Day 6: Margin
Day 7: Small Things with Great Love 
Day 8: Common Space
Day 9: Trust 
Day 10: How to Grow in Your Faith and Demonstrate the Gospel
Day 11: A Reminder for Your Neighboring Journey 
Day 12: On Hospitality 
Day 13: Be Hospitable with Yourself and a Sugar Scrub Recipe 
Day 14: Share Meals and Simple Meal Ideas 
Day 15: A Note on Seasons of Life 
Day 16: Green 
Day 17: How to Be a Dope Church
Day 18: Learning from Others
Day 19: Jesus' Way of Neighboring
Day 20: Being Neighborly is an Inside Job
Day 21: Neighboring is Good for Your Soul
Day 22:  Create an Outdoor Living Room
Day 23: Joy
Day 24: Neighboring Inspiration
Day 25: A Thought to Consider
Day 26: Social Media and Neighboring
Day 27: How to Host a Community Event and Editable Invitations
Day 28: What My Best Friend Reminded Me About Hospitality 
Day 29: Discipling Your Neighbors and a Giveaway!
Day 30: Bacon

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