Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days: You Can Take A Break!

It’s ok to take a break. Even more so it’s important. The Sabbath commanded in the Bible is about rest. Rest from work and even ministry should be a regularly occurring event on your calendar. This doesn’t mean you’re excused from any opportunities the Lord brings your way but it does mean you’re free to relax and recharge without guilt. You can do so intentionally.

Make sure your Sabbath occurs regularly each week. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be observed on Sunday, especially for those in fulltime ministry, having a regularly scheduled Sabbath helps you make it a habit. While chores, work, etc. should not be on the agenda consider these items instead:

Do something that is life giving to you like having coffee with a friend, reading a good book, or going on a nature walk.

Do spend intentional time with God. Maybe on this day you can give more time to this than you would on a typical day.

Do rest. Don’t forget this part. Just do it.

Do have fun. Maybe watching a movie with your spouse or playing Wii with your kids can be the perfect end to your Sabbath.

This afternoon I’m not feeling well so part of my Sabbath might come early this week. Maybe I’ll just cuddle with my Basset Hound tonight on the couch. No matter what happens I won’t feel guilty. I’ll be honoring God by recharging to serve him better. Obeying his commands can one of the most life giving things you’ll ever do.

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