Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days: Intentional Information

As a blogger, woman, wife, and Christian there are roughly a billion blogs out there that claim to have something I need. But I have limited time and even if I could amass all the information available to me I would not have time to put it to use. In an effort be a good steward of my time online I have intentionally chosen to limit the blogs I follow. Below is a list (that excludes my friend’s personal blogs that largely include updates on their families) of the blogs I follow:

Blogs I Follow Regularly:

Passionate Homemaking

The Nesting Place

Jones Design Company

A Holy Experience

Blogs I’m Following During the 31 Days:

Creative Kristi

Mom, net Mom

Cajun joie de vivre

Blogs I Follow Occassionally:

The Pioneer Woman

Emily at Jones Design Company also shared her blog list here. Feel free to share your favorite blogs below. Do you have a system for managing your time online and blog reading that you could also share?


  1. For the reason you mentioned above, being intentional about the information we take the time to read, I stick to reading mostly personal blogs... or blogs written by people I know.... mostly family blogs. I occasionally check out Passionate Homemaking, Counting Coconuts (preschool blog), and The Nesting Place, but I certainly prioritize the life stories (growth, blessings, trials) of the people I know. I find that I am often encouraged, blessed, strengthened, or even convicted by reading words from my friends. And I love getting to know them and their families even more through virtual scrapbooking :-)

  2. I use Google Reader to manage my blog reading. Each blog is in a category such as friends (real life friends who blog), moms (other mom blogs that I find interesting), church blogs (from pastors and ministries I respect), missions (written by missionaries), and homeschooling.

    I too read my friend's blogs first to keep up with their lives, even if I see them regularly. It helps us get into deeper conversations when we are together.

    Then, I read those mom blogs who have a life completely different from mine (Urban Servant, TongguMomma, DesignHer Momma). It helps me keep my own life in perspective and it is more interesting to me to see how other families work.

    Everything else comes after that as time permits. Also, blog commenting has gone way down in the past year as my time has become more scheduled.

  3. Great insights ladies. Thanks for sharing.