I'm a Florida girl who's at home in Orlando. I do life with my awesome husband and drool covered Basset Hound. I started writing in this online space in October of 2011. I write to women about living their lives intentionally on mission.

I believe missional living is easy if you do what you're already doing with intention.

Once upon a time God called me to move to a place and reach out to partiers and twenty-somethings without ever having been a party girl myself. I knew I wasn't "cool" enough for this crowd and I couldn't relate to their lifestyle. What I discovered is that tragedy, loss, and suffering are unifiers because they're

the only thing we all have in common...

I was widowed at 24 and have since then experienced one tragic loss after another. I've been a cutter, have battled anxiety and depression, and continue to be a mama with empty arms.  Some of my closest friends are sex addicts and alcoholics. I've walked through divorce with many close friends and I've also seen marriages restored against all odds.

At the end of August 2013, I left a steady job to pursue the life of my dreams. I'm a writer, speaker, virtual assistant, and creative.

I'm passionate about church planting, second chances, hurting people and life lived around the table. And I believe you are called to be a missionary whatever your current situation may be whether you're a mom, career woman, homemaker, or student.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I'd be honored for you to share your story of missional living/joy/heartache/pain/hope/second chances with me. Contact me using the button above or via social media.

Header image by Mike Buoy of Mike & Ann Studios. If you're in the Orlando area I highly recommend them for all your photography needs.