Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days: Notice

God gives us the boat and the oars, but then tells us, “It’s up to you to row.” Making ‘positive acts of faith’ is like training this faculty; it is developed by training, as the muscles are developed by gymnastics.

- From Letters from the Desert by Carlo Carretto

Yesterday I talked about the need to let God be your source for intentional living. That’s still one of the most important lessons I’m learning. But in connection with God’s empowerment we have a responsibility to act. That’s the essence of the Great Commission. GO! Balancing God’s leading and our action is an age old debate but despite what side you fall we can agree that there is a responsibility to act.

One way to actively engage in intentional living is to practice eucharisteo or at its simplest form, thanksgiving. Ann Voskamp wrote an incredible book on this. I know I’m probably the very last person to blog about One Thousand Gifts but I figure if I’m late to jump on the band wagon someone else might be too. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten…

Do you see the picture above? I work there, surrounded by beauty five days a week. And I miss it. I often forget what beautiful scenery I’m surrounded by or worse, I walk by and ignore it. So what’s your practical assignment for intentional living today? Notice. And start giving thanks for what you find. If you need more direction than this be sure to pick up Ann’s book and read or re-read it.

Here are some gifts from my list today:

Slightly cooler weather freeing me from the Florida heat

A delicious lunch with a friend

God saving my husband and me from making an expensive decision

Coconut gelato

Would you share one thing that’s on your gift list with me?


  1. The beautiful weather (which should be on every Floridian's list)

    Edification from the Body of Christ

    Grocery shopping alone

    My new kindle that I didn't pay full price for!

    *This reminds me that it is with thankful hearts that we should bring our prayers and petitions before the Father, where we then receive peace in place of anxiety.

  2. What a great reminder. As Ann puts it, we receive grace, we respond in thankfulness, and we reap joy.