Joy is available for conferences, local events, and retreats. You can choose a topic from the list below or a topic tailored specifically to the audience and needs of your event can be created.

Speaking Calendar:

November 6-8: Ecclesia Women's Retreat, New Ulm, TX
April 15-16: Missional Women Conference, Denver, CO

Topic Sampling:

  • Living on Mission without Going Crazy: Does the idea of being “missional” sound overwhelming in your already too busy life? Or do you feel fear or anxiety at the thought of sharing your faith? How do we play our role in The Great Commission in today's society? In this session we'll discuss practical tips for maximizing what you're already doing without adding more to your schedule. We'll also consider your personality and wiring so you can leave feeling free to share your faith in a way that is unique and natural to you.
  • The Missional Table: Think about your most memorable meals. What do you remember about them? Chances are some of your deepest conversations took place around a table spread with food. In this session we'll discuss our own memorable meals and look at the life of Jesus and His time spent around the table. Together we'll consider meals as an impetus for mission and discover how we can expand our ministry with a table at its center.
  • In This World You Will Have Trouble: At the age of 24, after being married merely three years, Joy was widowed. And that was just the beginning. Since then she has lost babies through miscarriage and failed adoption. She has suffered loss in marriage, ministry, and relationships, and is a survivor of emotional abuse. In this session, we'll create a safe space for sharing our stories and have a frank discussion of what it means to “overcome the world” in the midst of tragedy, suffering, and loss.

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