Monday, November 21, 2011


This week I'll be taking some time off to truly enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I encourage you to do the same. Today my friends at are sharing their 1000 Gifts lists. Maybe you'll want to join them?

100. Time and freedom to unplugg
101. Memories made with my husband and in-laws
102. God's constant, amazing provision

Remember to give thank in ALL things (1 Thessaloniasn 5:18) this week and always, and be sure to check out Grace Driscoll's wonderful post on 'The Ministry Wife.'

Happy Thanksgiving to you an yours!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In It But Not Of It

“'Only by denying the world can you live in it, that only by surrounding yourself by an artificial, self-induced quietude can you live in a spiritual life.' A real spiritual life does exactly the opposite: it makes us so alert and aware of the world around us, that all that is and happens becomes part of our contemplation and meditation and invites us to free and fearless response.” –Henri J.M. Nouwen, Reaching Out

I live close to a part of the city that has a thriving homosexual population. A few weeks ago the gay pride parade was postponed due the monsoon-like whether Central Florida was experiencing. The parade was rescheduled for this past Sunday. People of every background and origin were out and about for the festivities. But this is not what surprised me…

What surprised me was the reaction of the Christians I was with. Their jokes and derogatory statements caught me off guard. Know that I’m can fully understand anger toward sin but I don’t comprehend a lack of love toward people. These very same people who were the butt of jokes received the breath of life from the Creator of the Universe. He made them in his own image and loves deeply. I can hardly imagine how his heart must break not just for those trapped in sin but also for those that cannot see past sin to love the sinners.

Over the past several years my life has been deeply impacted by people involved in homosexuality as well as those suffering the impacts their sin. I know there is immense pain on both sides. Within the church especially there seems to be more questions than answers on this topic. What I am convinced of is that we will not see anyone in any lifestyle or sin come to Christ unless we first extend Christ’s love to them. Only then will they be able to receive the truth of the Bible and the life changing power of the Gospel.

Are there certain types of people you have trouble extending God’s love to? Let’s pray that God would teach us how to show love to all even those we deem unlovable. Let’s strive to be missional even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable for us.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Conferences for Encouragement

Can you believe now is already the time to start thinking about conferences to attend in 2012? I used to be a conference junky but recently the only ones I've attended have been ones I'm working at. I'm attending two conferences as staff this year and one I'm really excited about.

The Exponential Conference is the 'largest gathering of church planters on the planet.' Last year was my first time attending and it was amazing. What's really exciting about Exponential this year is that they're focusing on spouses and the overall health of the church planting couple. I know we all need help in that area!

Mark your calendar for April 23 – 26, 2012 and commit to attend Exponential 2012. Here are just a few more reasons why…

• Over 4,500 Church Planting Leaders

• Over 100 National Speakers

• 15 Pre-Conference Intensives

• Over 100 Workshops

• Special Discounts for Spouses

• Inspiring, Encouraging, Equipping & Challenging leaders

• Group options to Customize your Experience

• Over 50 National Sponsors help make it Affordable

• Sunny Orlando, Florida

Exponential 2012’s “Sifted” theme highlights the vital importance of the spiritual, physical and emotional health of the church planter as a vital component in catalyzing leaders who reproduce. Where most resources focus on the “doing” of models, approaches and innovations, “Sifted” focuses on the “being” and health of church planting leaders. Through the “Sifted” theme, Exponential seeks to create a national conversation around what it looks like to improve the support of church planting leaders, especially in the post-launch phase, and develop healthier and more productive church planters.

Mark your calendar now and plan to attend! The super duper early bird rate of $149 for the planter and $79 for the spouse is good until December 2, 2011. Visit to learn more and to register.

If you're attending Exponential in 2012 let me know so we can be sure to meet up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Must Take Action

Francis Chan - Making Disciples from Verge Network on Vimeo.

So what are your thoughts on the way the American church handles discipleship? How can you take action today to obey Jesus' command to make disciples?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Life Hurts

This weekend I had a minor accident and dislocated one of my fingers. I have had to be patient with swelling that won’t go down and a fingertip turning all shades of the rainbow. I have had to be gracious with my husband as he plays nurse and fashions as sweet splint for me. But most of all I have had to be patient with myself. I have had to rest in the fact that some healing is slow and that I can’t do everything exactly how I did before…Some things I might not be able to do at all.

84. Hard eucharisteo: dislocated finger

85. Re-learning to depend on others

86. A reason to slow down

87. A husband that graciously gives me a night off from ministry to rest and heal

88. A loving friend who is also a nurse practitioner

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calling All Church Planter's Wives

Part of my purpose here is to encourage and unify woman in church planting. With that in mind I would like to feature interviews with church planter’s wives regularly. Are you involved in a church plant? Would you like to be a part of ministering to other woman in church planting? Please leave a comment that includes the website of your current plant.

Is you pastor’s wife amazing? Do you know a woman in church planting who would be willing to be featured here? Please leave a comment to nominate her.

If you have questions about the type of content the interviews will feature below is a brief list:

• The story of your call to church planting

• A brief history of your current plant

• Your most difficult time in church planting

• Your most exciting time in church planting

• Encouragement for other ministry wives

My first interview is already complete and it’s a good one from Amy over at Dandelion Seeds but it won’t be posted here until early 2012 since it’s being published by Converge Point magazine. So send me your nominations and let’s join in the ministry of encouragement together.