Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days: Intentional in the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to share a meal. Pots of soup, chili, or beans are cost effective and easy to throw into a Crockpot first thing in the morning so that dinner is done at the end of the day. Apples abound for simple and affordable deserts, and a pan of cornbread can be whipped up in no time.

Despite all those simple options I still have mild bouts of panic each time I agree to entertaining folks in our home. Why? I’m a perfectly good hostess but I work a full time job outside of the home. I always worry the house won’t be clean enough or things won’t be perfect…

And that my friends, is the issue. When we ‘entertain’ perfection is an (unattainable) goal. But when we practice true hospitality connection is a goal. When we entertain the food and place settings must be perfect. When we practice hospitality the food is an opportunity to share with others our blessings. Entertaining forces an illusion of perfection. Hospitality frees us to be imperfect.


I started the absolutely lovely post above earlier today in preparation for our small group coming over for dinner tonight. Then I came home and fought with my husband. After a somewhat stressful afternoon at work I took my bad attitude out on my him. Instead of being thankful for the things he had done to help around the house I only noticed the things that hadn't been done. So while everything I said earlier is what I believe to be true, I still have a long way to go in living those things out.

Tonight I'm exceedingly grateful for a God and a husband that are full of grace towards me even when I don't deserve it.


  1. Oh sweet Joy... thanks for your transparency! Entertaining vs true hospitality... creating the illusion of perfection vs freeing ourselves up to be the imperfect people that we are! WOW!!! I needed that (following a party of over 50 guests that I just threw yesterday!) I aimed to be practicing true hospitality, desiring that every person crossing the threshold of my house would be touched by God in some way. I found that mindset more difficult to maintain in stressful moments of "entertaining". Thanks so much for this. I am in a season of opening my home a lot and this is going to be great information for me to really get!

  2. I can relate as I open my home often. I'm so glad this was helpful to you :)