Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days: I Don't Want To

Today I feel like a little girl in a super market stomping her foot, shouting “I don’t want to!” I don’t feel like being intentional today. As a matter of fact I don’t feel like doing much of anything. Things that once came easy are now accomplished only with much difficulty and gritting of teeth. Things that once brought me joy are falling flat. Why? Because I’m not where I wanted to be in life and things are not going my way. I am unfulfilled and uncertain.

Now I know I have some options for pulling myself out of this rut but they all seem hard. And honestly right now I just feel like wallowing in the mud of this mess I’ve made. One thing I’m certain of is that when I live for myself I always realize that it’s not enough.

God, please help me to live for you first, others second, and myself third.

What do you do when you feel like quitting?


  1. when I feel like quitting, I make a list of three things. Three things that I simply MUST do. And I do them. Then I list 3 more things...and I do them. EVERYTHING is list worthy - brush my teeth, read a book to my kids, feed the dog, pick that sock up off the floor...
    after awhile my list gets longer and I feel better, like it really IS worth my effort. Prayers to you today. It's hard to fight that sort of spiritual inertia.

  2. Dana, this is excellent advice. I thik I'm going to try it tomorrow. Also thanks for the much needed prayers.

  3. I feel like quitting most when I'm overwhelmed. Then, like Dana, I set to accomplish a few simple things- fold the clothes, clean off the table, and make dinner. I feel better when I see progress... then I know the situation is not so overwhelming as perhaps I once thought. Just chip away one task at a time. Ironically, another thing that works is putting the to-do list away. Live. Be. Love God. And get back to the rest later.