Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Put Mission on Automatic (Day 30)

#31days of Missonal Meals
 (Thank you for your grace this week. I recently returned from a long weekend at Allume followed by a cancelled flight that left me stranded in the airport, and additionally we have some exciting things happening in our personal life, so all that combined left me exhausted with very little time or energy for writing.)

One thing that has really helped me in my missional journey over the years is putting relationships on automatic. I had been doing that for quite some time before The Nester accurately articulated it here. What I mean by "automatic" is to choose reoccurring meals and times each week, month, etc. to develop and deepen relationships with specific people.

When I was doing this best I had two reoccurring lunch dates each week, I opened our home for dinner each Wednesday, and I intentionally spent time at our third place on the weekends.  What works best for you will differ based on your season of life and demographic. Right now I'm really blessed to have a friend who opens her home and cooks us dinner each Monday night. We share food, catch up on life and keep our relationship growing each week around her table. There was a season when we were at their house almost every night and that was wonderful. But while our current season doesn't allow for that it's good to know we have a regular time to break bread and share life.

One of my ongoing themes this month is simplicity. I hope you see how setting up automatic meals can make pursuing missional living easy and accessible in whatever season of life you're in. Be sure to read The Nester's article above for other ideas on how this might work for you.

Do you already have any meals or meetups set on automatic? I'd love to hear how this is working for you in the comments below.


  1. This month has been a fun (and sometimes enlightening journey)! Looking forward to your next chapter!