Friday, October 4, 2013

Eat With Those Who Are Found (Day 4)

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"This is what the church is to be: a community of broken people finding family around a meal under the tree of Calvary." -Tim Chester
 For some of you this is a given and for some of you this will be difficult. As a rule people tend to have either a lot of Christian friends (people like them) or a lot of non-Christian friends (people unlike them).

Here's the thing, you need other Christians around you that you can be in deep relationship with. You need people to support and encourage you and be on mission with you.

If you've ever been hurt by the church or angered by other Christians this may be more difficult for you. I encourage you to extend radical grace to others who are imperfect just like you and be intentional about being in relationship with other Christians.

If you have lots of Christian friends I want you to pray today and think about how you can deepen those relationships. If you plan to live a life of intention centered around missional meals then you're going to need a strong community you can count on to join you on the journey.

On Monday we'll discuss why it's so important to eat with both the lost and found together.

In the month of October I'm writing a series on Missional Meals. I've linked up with The Nester and thousands of other bloggers who have chosen a topic to write on for 31 days. Visit here to start at the beginning of my series. 

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