Thursday, October 10, 2013

Authenticity is Key (Day 10)

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"God's people ought not to be looking for a place to hide, but a place to give themselves as an offering to God." -A.W. Tozer
As the month goes on I'll continue to offer some practical advice for meals but lets transition for a bit to the the missional side of things.I want you to be able to talk about your faith freely and help others on their faith journey. Meals without weaving in the Gospel aren't missional. They're just meals.

 I thought I'd share a few points on authenticity as we make this transitions:
  • People are not projects. You are not trying to check them off of your to-do list. God loves them, wants whats best for them, and made them in His image. They can tell if you're not being authentic and treating them as a project. 
  • People should not be blindsided by your faith. If you invite someone into your home and they see scriptures on the walls and a Bible on your coffee table and this surprises them, there is a problem. If you are not honest about who you are and what you believe than why would someone want to learn more about the God you serve?
  • You can be honest and full of grace. People don't not want to be "beat over the head with the Bible." But most people are curious about what you believe and will be willing to share their own beliefs if you are gracious and loving in the way you share yours. You don't have to compromise the truth of the Gospel to share authentically.
Going forward we'll talk about listening well and sharing stories but for now consider the points above and ask God if there are any areas of your life He can help you to be more authentic in.