Monday, October 7, 2013

Eating with the Lost and Found (Day 7)

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"Every soul has its own unique nuances. Each of us is uniquely formed in our mother's wombs...However there is one thing we all share - the need to connect. To dine with someone is to connect with that person. The table experience with your spouse, family, friends, an colleagues - and even your enemies - has the potential to begin bonding human hearts in a new way, a deep way that brings spiritual connection, a bonding that life's circumstances should not break. During meals hurting hearts heal, sad hearts are made glad, depressed hearts get new vision, and divided hearts come to peace." -Devi Titus
You need to eat with people who are like you (other Christians). You need to eat with people who are different than you (non-Christians). And you need to eat with them both. At the same table.

Your friends who don't know Jesus need to hear a perspective different than yours. Your Christian friends need to be challenged by diverse beliefs. You all can be made better by one another and have more rich conversations by sharing meals together.

Last week you should have a set a date for a dinner and started thinking about guests to invite. Today finalize that list. Make sure you're inviting a mixed group of both Christians and non-Christians. We'll begin to discuss the practical elements of missional meals. But today pray over your list and ask God to prepare your heart for a night to remember. Pray that this one dinner would lead to a lifestyle of intentionally gathering the lost and found in community around the table.

Are you excited? I'd love to hear about your plans for missional meals in the comments below.

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