Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Theology of Food (Day 16)

#31days of Missional Meals: Day 16
"Lynne Rosetto Kasper, the host of The Splendid Table, says there are two kinds of people in the world: people who wake up thinking about what to have for supper and people who don't. I am in the first camp, certainly. But it took me about twenty years to say that out loud." -Shauna Niequist
I think it would be impossible to talk about missional meals without discussing our view of food. My thinking on this issue continues to develop but there are a few things I'm sure of:
  • Gluttony is a sin. It puts the created thing in place of the creator.
  • Food is to be enjoyed. (See Genesis 1:11-12, 29)
  • Balance is key. But this will look different for each person based on individual health needs, body type and any dietary restrictions.
  • Food like most things is better when shared. Nothing increases the joy of your favorite wine, a delicious salad or really good chocolate like sharing it with others. 
Clearly if you're looking for an astute analysis of a theology of food this isn't it. But below are some resources that have helped me as I work toward my own clear perspective on food:
So do you struggle with keeping food in right perspective? What are your tips for finding balance? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. Thank you for linking to me Joy! I'm writing a whole book about this struggle, so I feel any woman's pain in this area! If we honor our bodies by putting the best stuff in them (whether that's a salad or a good brie or a homemade apple pie) we'll tend to shake out at whatever weight is right for us and that is beautiful. Keep up the great work! I'm enjoying taking this journey with you!

    1. That is so true, friend, and I'm so excited for your book.