Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Missional Living: You Need Community (Day 18)

Without community it is impossible for you to fulfill all the "do unto other" commands in the Bible. And it is also impossible for you to sustain effective missional living.

The Bible is clear that we were meant to live life together. Jesus surrounded himself with a community of twelve others.  He poured into them and did life with them. He also engaged in missional living with them. He healed people, loved children, ate with sinners, multiplied food, and more with His community.

Why does community matter to missional living? A community will keep you accountable and give you support. A community will multiply your efforts. A community will serve and encourage you. Finally a Biblical community is a great tool for attracting lost people.

America is becoming more and more an individualistic society. Relationships as we know them are continually being degraded by social media. The fact is that Facebook won't visit you in the hospital. Twitter can't share a cup of coffee with you. And the best way I know of bringing someone a meal is in person. So many of these basic tenants of relationship are being lost in our culture.

When a lost person sees a Christian community that spends time together they become curious. When they see people who help each other move, share meals together, paint each other's houses, and walk through tragedy together they become jealous. And when a Christian community has fun together they debunk many of the myths about the church.

We were all created for relationship and community. How are you seeking and finding community best lived out in your life? I'd love to hear your stories.

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