Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Missional Living: (Day 3)

Yesterday we talked about the importance of knowing your neighbors in order to live missionally. I hope you were able to make at least one connection with a neighbor yesterday. For the next 31 days make sure you're intentionally pursuing connections with your neighbors. Your ultimate goal is to form meaningful ongoing relationships with the people in your neighborhood. 


Have you discovered yet? Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood. You can create a free profile and use the site to meet your neighbors, organize activities, and keep the neighborhood safe.  Additionally if you setup email notifications for Nextdoor you’ll see when a new member joins and be able to welcome them to the neighborhood. Unlike other social networks you won’t get numerous spam-like notifications either.
So go to and see if your neighborhood already has a site. If not create one and start your own profile. Then invite some neighbors to join you. 

The simple steps we’ve been taking each day may seem insignificant but overtime they’ll add up to a lifestyle of missional living.


  1. love it- seems we may be doing similar 31 Days themes! mine is homemade missions! Great to follow along- will definitely link to your blog at some point this month! blessings!

    1. Kelly, please post the link to your blog. I would love to follow along.