Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When You're Married to Your Best Friend

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When most weeks I spend all day Monday writing alone in the office it's this week that he is there too. I'm typing until my fingers feel numb or the HTML code makes me crazy (whichever happens first). He's working on his Master's, taking tests, writing papers and the like.

And finally it's time for a break and by God's grace our breaks overlap and so we cook lunch together. I break up the sausage in the pan and he breaks the butter up with his fingers and rolls the dough out by hand. It's biscuits and gravy that day. And while not entirely healthy it is entirely delicious and Southern. It's all meat and milk and butter and flour for the most part. It's real and made by our own hands. But most of all it's made together.

And going on nearly five years of marriage we've learned a few things. Ironically we've learned that when I'm doing what I love I'm happier and thus a better wife. More loving, more patient, more serving, and more generous. And so I support him in pursuing his dreams believing that he could become even more grace filled if he wakes up one day wanting to go to work each morning...

And like every marriage we have struggled. We have had our line-in-the-sand moment. Our was in October of 2010 to be exact. And for a bit we didn't know if the marriage would live or die. But we decided to keep moving forward. And that next year was the hardest. And I'll be honest that I questioned our decision.

But here we are. And once again I can't believe how beautiful marriage can be. And I think for this past month I've started to fall more in love with him again. I love the way his lips feel against mine and the way he smells. He is predictable in such a comforting way. He is strong and warm all in one. And he is truly my best friend.

This is what I know: marriage is one of the hardest pursuits in this life but if you can keep moving forward the rewards are equally incredible. And perhaps because this is the way of life this side of Heaven we'll some day have another line in the sand moment. And so for today and every day forth I pray God will remind me that it is worth it. And that nothing can compare to being married to your best friend and sharing all of life's joys and triumphs with him.

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