Monday, September 9, 2013

I Have Doubts Too But I'm Still Beautiful

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Previously I affirmed our beauty, yours and mine too. Today we talk about the reality of doubts and the unchanging truth.

Recently I wrote about my own beauty and yours too. I wrote about how I love myself and am confident about who I am and the way I look.

But I have doubts and imperfections too. Just like you. I know I could loose a few pounds for health’s sake and I hate cellulite. Have you noticed how cellulite has a mind of it’s own? Sometimes I see women that are several sizes larger than me with perfectly smooth legs. And I start comparing. Other times I see woman much smaller than me who cannot wear shorts and sadly, I start judging.

Let me tell you a story about cellulite and stretch marks. I know a girl who eats perfectly, schedules her life around CrossFit, and recently cut out her only cheat day. She’s what society says we should all strive to be. But want to know a secret? She has visible cellulite on her legs. And no matter what she does she can’t get rid of it. Her life has become a prison sentence that doesn’t allow for food to be enjoyed and may keeps her captive to those bumps on her thighs for the rest of her life.

I have another friend who has gained weight over the years due to a series of health problems, hormone issues, and the birth of a baby. She commits to healthy eating plans and works out regularly. And much to her chagrin she has made little progress in the weight department.  And you know what? I wish she could see how beautiful she is. She has a servant’s heart, works hard to be a loving mom, and create a beautiful home. And she is hands down one of the two women who keep me above water whenever I feel like I’m drowning.

As longs as sin plagues this world our bodies will continue to present us with  doubts. People will continue to struggle between gluttony and eating disorders. But you’re not alone. I’m in this with you. Its’ ok to have doubts. But know this, every day, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No matter what.


  1. Beautiful reminder of the beauty in all of us. Thank you, Joy!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I'm glad you liked it.

  2. As soon as we start comparing we're lost. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. So true, Renia. "Comparison is the thief of joy."