Friday, June 14, 2013

Listen (#FiveMinuteFriday)


Why? Running, running. Too much to do, not enough time. Why stop? Why breathe? Moving forward, moving, moving. Not stopping. Not still. Never listening.

Break. Fall. Desperate need. Broken. Drowning. Lost. Confused. Need to, must, stop. Never breathing, never resting, never listening got me here…

That story again and again. All of us have been there. The world shouts, “don’t stop. Don’t breathe. Don’t rest. You might be left behind. “

But our need, our desperate human need is to stop. Be still, listen. This need placed in us by God himself. So that one way or another we would stop and listen. Either willingly of by force.

And we would find all this running and achieving doesn’t satisfy. But instead leaves us desperate and empty. In need of stillness. Quiet. Listening to the father’s still small voice. And when we stop to listen to Him we are finally…

At peace. 

Five Minute Friday
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