Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cook, Eat, Create, Relax


 So I went on a staycation and had the intention of still posting here…but that didn’t happen. And I’ve had trouble getting back into a writing rhythm. You’d think the impending summer slow-down wouldn’t affect someone who works full time outside of the home. But it does.

I may not have written much in the last few weeks but I did do some other life giving things during my time away. I did that by setting some goals for my staycation. Cook and eat good meals with people I love, complete life giving projects, and relax. You see for me without goals even for a staycation I’d either work hard without stopping for renewal or veg out on the couch the entire time. I’d much rather like to teeter somewhere between the two.

So did I get everything on my to-do list done? No. But I completed some projects that spent months in waiting. Did I relax the entire time? No. But I had the perfect amount of couch sitting, coffee drinking, and reading days to leave me satisfied.

I walked away at the end of a ten day staycation (that started on very rocky terrain) refreshed. I come to you prepared to face this next season of life together. Whatever God has in store lets go forth boldly. And while we’re at it lets share some good meals and make life giving things a priority.

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