Thursday, November 1, 2012

Missional Living is Easy (31 Days in Review)

Can you believe we made it through October? Phew! What an amazing month of living missionally together. We focused on missional living in the spheres of your neighborhood and your city. As you continue on your missional journey remember the following:

  • Do what you love. Remember doing mission out of passion increases your capacity.

My hope from the beginning was for you to realize how easy it is to live missionally. When I say ‘easy’ I don’t mean that fulfilling the Great Commission won’t require time and sacrifice. But the best way to live missionally is to do what you’re already doing with intention. 

I hope the past 31 days have been helpful and encouraging to you. I would love to hear your stories of how God has moved through your relationships as you walk the path of living as a missionary in your community.

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