Thursday, December 1, 2011

When Everything Falls Apart

I had great plans for the weekend following Thanksgiving. I was going to thoroughly clean my entire house, decorate for Christmas, and finish all my holiday crafting. I had a lovely post planned for sharing my 1,000 gifts on Monday complete with photos from my mountain vacation. I had a timely post planned for yesterday on my favorite Advent resource. And then it all fell apart…


On Friday morning I slept in and ended up sharing a lovely lunch with my husband before he went to work. By the afternoon I thought I might be getting sick. By evening there were no longer uncertainties. I was sick and spent what was supposed to be a glorious weekend of cleaning, decorating and crafting, on the couch.

Not only were my plans shattered but I was behind schedule on everything I planned for this week.  
There are still boxes of Christmas decorations yet to be unpacked and we don’t have a Christmas tree yet. I’m doing my first craft fair with a friend today and last night I was scrambling to get a reasonable amount of projects done…

But today is Thursday and the rush to be ready for the craft fair is over. I know I’ll be picking up my Christmas tree on Saturday. The waiting has turned out to be a good thing as I discovered an organization doing a Christmas tree fundraiser. As the week has gone on some things in my scheduled have opened up and I’m starting to believe I’ll survive the holiday season. 

And I know, even more than some do, that when everything falls apart that there’s always a reason. I encourage you to take a moment today to stop, breathe, and give thanks. Would you mind praying for me during this Advent season? That I won’t sweat the small stuff and that I won’t miss Christmas? The real Christmas that is. The reason we celebrate. 

Feel free to leave your requests below and I’ll be glad to pray for you as well.

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