Monday, June 30, 2014

On Rest, Summer, and July

When you're on a journey to create the life of your dreams there's a lot of work involved. There's a lot of new starts, and questions, and often times there are mistakes.

At the end of May I joined the Sabbath Society because in a lot of areas my wheels were falling off. In the interest of following the path God has for my life I am taking some time off in the month of July. I will still be working on a lot of things behind the scenes but here's how the  month of July will be different:
  • My Etsy store will close in preparation for a re-launch coming August 1st. (I'm so excited about the Church Planters of the Month for August. I don't want to give away too much but they're planting internationally!)
  • This space will feature a few guest posts as I wont' be writing here during July but in the quiet and secret places for my God and myself.

What my July will hold behind the scenes:
  • I'll turn 31! 30 was a great year for me so I can only expect that the best is yet to come. (I'm sure I'll have some reflections on this in August.)
  • We're praying about hosting an exchange student for two weeks in July. I will of course tell you all about that if it ends up being part of my month.
  • I'm going to try some new art techniques and make things just for me
  • I'll be on social media but even less than I am now.
  • I'll catch up on some other projects that have been begging for my time.
  • I hope to share tons of meals with friends, enjoy lots of ice cream cones, and drink every flavor of lemonade I can dream up.

As always I'll reply to every comment here but perhaps not until August. Thank you for your grace.

If any part of my month-long break appeals to you perhaps you'll benefit from joining the Sabbath Society too. If you do let me know in the comments below. I love being able to share our journey together.

***Restart Tip: Did you know calendar companies release new planners and calendars halfway through the year? They start in July and run through the following June. In August I'll talk more about how to restart your year. But for now go get yourself a fresh slate (A.K.A. a shiny new calendar. .)***


  1. What a beautiful birthday gift to give yourself! (P.S. Cherry Basil Lemonade is my favorite)

  2. Thanks, friend. I love basil with fruit so I'll have to try that one. Do you use frozen cherries?