Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help Me Bring an Orphan Home to His Forever Family

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At the end of 2012, we hosted an international orphan in our home in hopes of finding him a forever family. This was an amazing boy that forever changed our lives and took a piece my heart with him back to Colombia.

Truth? I didn't want him to get back on that plane. I wanted him to stay with us forever. But God had other plans and He made that clear...

Last Spring I received notice that a couple who was friends with the then coordinator of the hosting program was adopting our sweet boy! Once adopted he will get to live as a big brother to three siblings. It has been a joy to get to know this family and they have been gracious in keeping me informed through the adoption process. 

The (international) adoption process has many uncertainties as well as large financial requirements. A big need currently are travel funds required for the 2-3 week in country stay required of the entire family to complete the adoption process.

But you can help. In the month of March, I will give 50% of all sales from my newly opened shop to this adoption. Would you please pray and consider how you can play a part in bringing an orphan home to his forever family? Some of the items cost as little as a trip to Starbucks so there's something for every budget.

Also would you please share the link to this post and/or my shop with everyone you know? I believe God can do miraculous things through our partnering together.

Thank you for even considering partnering with me. To read more of our hosting story see the links below:

I'll be keeping you updated throughout the month on our progress. Please let me know in the comments below if you'll be partnering with me.

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