Monday, February 18, 2013

Of Colombian Orphans And Spider-Man

There's Spider-Man sticker on my bulletin board. It's very nice bulletin board with a black frame perfect for a professional environment. So you see a Spider-Man sticker is a bit out of place.

But what you don't know is that bulletin board used to be in my home office until that office became a bedroom for a sweet Colombian boy we hosted in December. And for Christmas he got some lovely Spiderman stickers in his stocking. And when he asked if he could cover the bulletin board with them I didn't have the heart to tell him no. I couldn't bear to have the "you're flying back to Colombia in a few days" conversation with him. And so I said, "yes."

I've heard that once you have children you must get used to the idea of your heart walking around outside your body. Well what I do know is that with every sticker I ripped from that board another piece of my heart went walking around Colombia with it.

And so there's a Spider-Man sticker on my bulletin board and I'll never be the same...(My friend Molly and her sweet little Drew will never be the same either. Click over here to read how our hosting adventure impacted their lives too.)

Interested in forever impacting the life of a Colombian child? Watch the video of our hosting program above and contact Embraced by Grace. Got questions? Click here. But hurry, the deadline for the summer hosting program is this Friday, February 22.

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