Friday, January 24, 2014

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Breathe in. Mountain air in my nose. Cold wind on my skin. Don't we all need this? A getaway from life to remember what this living is really all about. Simplify. Dream big.

He planned a surprise mountain escape. And I wanted to runaway to that place and never come back. Hoping, praying that hope makes a bigger appearance in 2014 than it did in 2013.

I hope to leave our worries and cares always on a mountaintop but it is "joy and pain that flows through the same vein."

We need both as Brene' Brown so wisely put it. So I come back to home. Sunny. Usually hot. Not a mountain in site. But I'm hoping to hold on to those big dreams and simple ways found in a mountaintop visit. I want to rest in the Almighty's arms each day. Through each moment. All of 2014. And that is the thing. It is these moments I try to push past that make up this living.

Already I see the fruits of hope. Of it springing up in my heart. I want to hold on to the place where it found me in the winter mountains. I want it to grow in my heart. It's visit not be temporary but eternal.

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Five Minute Friday