Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Knowing What You Believe About This Place Changes Everything

I haven't shared my word of the year because it scared me. Not the way my word last year scared me. But because I didn't know what it meant . I didn't know when I started longing for it, and I don't entirely know now.

Home. Home is the thing we all long for. It was birthed in our hearts right alongside the God-shaped-hole. It is elusive for many of us. Some of us come close but never quite reach it this side of Heaven .

It took God moving me as far away from home as I've ever been to realize what I wanted all along. To have a bit of an understanding of the home that lies ahead of me on the other side of this world.

God had to move me halfway across the country to teach me about what home really means. To create in me a longing for my forever home by taking away my Earthly home . This moving taught me what the definition of home. Home is both a place and a person. It is both a feeling, and a roof and four walls . It is both a geographical location and a location that cannot be found on a map.

I want to hold on tightly to this understanding . To cling to this feeling, this longing for things I would have never imagined wanting . I want to hold on to both assurance and the emptiness. I want to remember what it means, what it feels like to be displaced and alone. I want it to help me identify with those who have no earthly home. I want it  to unite me with my suffering Savior who had no place to lay His head .

But most of all I want my desire for my forever home to grow as I continually realize it will never completely be fulfilled on this Earth. I want to cling tightly with gratitude to these things I never knew I wanted, or needed, or would miss. And as I get a clearer picture of what I long for in a home on this Earth may I become increasingly dissatisfied with this temporary home .

What does home mean to you? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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