Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Love Like Jesus: Practical Ideas for Supporting the Grieving (Part 2)

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The past seven years have been long and hard. Suffering, tragedy, and loss continue to be a huge part of my story. Oftentimes I barely have time to grieve one loss before another takes place.

However in every loss, God sent people who showed his love to me in very practical ways. These expressions of love were God's grace to me when I needed it most.

In America, we rush through our emotions like we rush through most of life. We celebrate too rarely and grieve flippantly. Throughout scripture we see not only the importance of the grieving period but all an emphasis on grieving in community. 

Last month we discussed the necessity of taking action when someone is grieving. Today I'm sharing some practical ways doing just that over at Missional Women.

Join me there.

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