Thursday, May 22, 2014

In Which I Tell the Truth: More of My Infertility Story

My interview starts at 17:06 but Sara McNutt's great too.

I mentioned on Monday that God had been telling me to share my infertility story in this space since the beginning of the year. And honestly? I wanted to tell Him "no." There are a lot of reasons for this but mainly the fact that Christians have been unusually lacking in grace and empathy throughout this journey. And if people in my real life that supposedly loved Jesus and me could be so uncaring and insensitive, then why would the people here be any different? (Thanks for proving me wrong so far.)

I do intend to write a follow-up to this that includes thoughts on developing a theology of suffering as well as what not to say to people going through pain, loss, and tragedy. But for now you can listen to part of my story in my own words as told at the Missional Women Conference (my interview lasts less than 5 minutes).

I'd love to hear what parts of your story have been difficult for you to share openly in the comments below. You're not alone in your struggle.

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