Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Dance Moments

Photo Courtesy of Clohe Ludwig
We're both lovers of dance but nothing compares to dancing together. Him having years of experience under his belt and me always making it up as I go along. It started at our wedding where we danced some truly beautiful numbers. Love in our eyes. Perfect for a wedding. Just as it should be. But there's a side of us that really just wants to have fun. So we danced those songs too.

That's my idea of a good time. Dancing for hours on end with the man of my dreams. And we did it again at my 30th birthday party. Our first dance that night was something many believed we had spent hours choreographing. Not true. But I can tell you what makes for a great dance number when you haven't had time to practice: partners who love each other deeply, don't care who's watching and want to have a good time doing it. That combination my friends can fool the eyes of most.

But what I learned that night as the hours went on is that no dance is ever like the first one. You get tired and sweaty. Your creativity wanes. Sure, you're still having fun but somewhere on the dance floor your spark may have faded.

Aren't there seasons in life like that too? Where we moved far away from the beauty and grace of the first dance. Sure we're still on the floor but sometimes just barely. We're tired and our steps aren't polished anymore.

Perhaps you're in a "first dance" season of a new baby, new marriage, new ministry, or new job. You're passionate. You've been looking forward to this moment. And it's all you expected and more. Hold onto the passion you have right now. Maybe even write it down. Whatever you do file this moment away so you can reflect back on it when you need it most.

Or perhaps you've been on the dance floor for a while. You're tired of midnight wake-up calls. You're marriage is falling apart at the seems. You dread getting up each morning for that job. Ministry has left you dry and weary. Perhaps you can't even remember what those first moments on the dance floor felt like. Ask God for strength and renewed energy. Ask him to help you remember the joy you once had in this area. Ask him to renew your passion.

Wherever today finds you in your journey, I challenge you to just keep moving.


  1. Joy, I didn't realize it was your 30th B-day! That's a big day! Anyway, I love this post, too. Those first dances are special and I'm glad for them. And you're right, it's so good to file away those memories. To look back and remember the passion and the God who ignited the flame. It helps keep us going under harder circumstances. Anyway, Happy Birthday again. <3

    1. "To look back and remember the passion and the God who ignited the flame. It helps keep us going under harder circumstances." I love those words. Thanks, friend. And thanks for always being a great support.