Friday, May 10, 2013

Comfort (Five Minute Friday)

Is what I need today. This longing in the pit of my soul that says only you can satisfy. I don’t always come to your throne like this. Tears and downcast. Sure I always come broken. But sometimes I’m convinced I can fix myself and don’t need you. And othertimes broken is just an intellectual knowledge.

But you bring me weeks and seasons like this to remind me I need you. That I need to be broken. In my brokenness I am prepared to receive true comfort.

And your dictionary is different than this world’s. They say a nice house, reliable job, and picture perfect family will provide comfort. Or perhaps just a warm cup of coffee and good book. But oftentimes the American dream is more like a nightmare that leaves you constantly striving. And other times the coffee is cold and the plot never goes quite how we expected.

And we’re left remembering that in the shadow of your wings is the only place we can find true and lasting comfort. And so today I ask for it. “Come to me like rain, God.” Wash my soul in your warmth. I need you today.

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Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh soo true "the american dream leaving you striving" Words of comfort knowing someone else see it this way too

    1. It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn't it Cassi?