Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Busy Seasons

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I’m in a busy season right now and will be through at least mid-March. Perhaps you’ve noticed by my deviation from a regular posting schedule. So how do we thrive during life’s busiest times? The tips below are how I’ll make it through these busy months:

1.  Time with God: In life’s busiest season’s our relationship with God is often the first one we neglect. Don’t have an hour? Thirty minutes? Even fifteen minutes? Then start smaller. Give God one to five minutes. I’ve found that the scripture calendar on my desk is really helpful with this. If I read one scripture first thing in the morning it makes me aware of God’s presence all day and leaves me longing more for him. Another thing I’m trying out is scheduling an appointment with Jesus on my calendar. It sounds cheesy but it may prove to be very effective. I’ll keep you posted.

2.  Refuel: Do yoga. Go to Starbucks. Get a pedicure. Take a nap. Read a lot. Give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to recharge physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then DO IT.

3.  Get Help: We were not meant to do life alone and busy season’s make this even more evident. Unashamedly ask for/get help. In busy seasons the cleanliness of my house suffers most. This is when I splurge on professional housecleaning through Groupon and Living Social.

4.  Take the Easy Way Out: Last night my husband and I had hotdogs, tater tots, and crudités for dinner. We don’t have kids…but this meal worked for us in this season because it was easy. If there’s an area that’s tough for you in busy seasons feel free to cut back and do what takes the least time and energy.

5.  Create Margin: If all your energies are focused on a big project, personal suffering, someone else’s need, etc. feel free to say “No,” to everything else. This will give you margin for steps 1 and 2.

So how do you thrive in busy seasons?


  1. Pay for convenience... you'll be more willing to do this if you value your own time (think dollar amount). For example, sure I could make EVERYTHING from scratch, down to my bread, yogurt, laundry soap, etc. But that also takes time. My time is worth a lot. During busy seasons, especially, I have to be willing to pay for a little convenience here or there in exchange for more time to do what is most important.

    1. Emily, this is such a good tip and one I practice regularly. I especially like fruits and veggies that are cut and ready to eat.