Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Season of New Beginnings

Originally Written April 2010

When we moved to Downtown Orlando nine months ago we could never have anticipated the changes that lay ahead. Settling into life in a new home, in a new city has been challenging and filled with many struggles and triumphs. We are excited to share with you all God has been doing in our lives.

In October, Jason was offered a part-time job at a local cigar store. After only six months on the job Jason has been promoted to manager! This job not only allows for a steady income but also gives Jason the opportunity to work daily in the mission field that is Downtown Orlando. He has many opportunities to witness for the Gospel and has already seen some fruits from his labor.

Joy on the other hand searched for a job for many months without receiving so much as a call back. She decided to steward her time by serving wherever she could until God provided. Her patience was recently rewarded as she was hired to work with Converge Worldwide as the Assistant to the Director of Church Planting! This is an awesome opportunity for her to work firsthand aiding the work of church planting, an area she is obviously passionate about.

The past nine months have taught us many lessons and given us the opportunity to wait on God’s timing. Through prayer, seeking Godly council, and learning more about ourselves, we feel that we are to remain at Celebration Community Church for this season. While a passion for church planting and a burden for the people of Downtown Orlando are still on our hearts, we are keenly aware that we are not designed to be solo church planters. We hope that in the months and years to come we can join a church planting team and one day see the vision God has given us for Downtown Orlando fulfilled. We continue to be involved in our small group as well as the prayer ministry at church. Jason is able to serve the church leadership in various capacities and Joy is faithful to be a willing servant as well.

We are so thankful for your prayers and financial support up to this time. While it is our hope and prayer that you would continue to take this journey with us, we recognize that our time frame has changed from what we originally planned. We understand if this change affects your monthly support of our ministry. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and may the God of all peace continue to bless you richly!
Jason & Joy

How You Can Pray for Us:
Pray that God would continue to reveal His plan for our future ministry

Pray that Jason would be faithful to live missionally while he works

Pray that we would serve diligently at CCC

Pray for Joy to transition smoothly into her new job as she balances working full-time and being a wife

Pray that we would have a growing Godly marriage as we seek to build a family

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