Thursday, October 29, 2015

Discipling Your Neighbors and a Giveaway!

Several years ago I was discipling a girl who did not know Jesus. We met regularly, shared struggles, and prayed. I supported and encouraged her. I knew she was open to learning more about Jesus and I wanted to study the Bible with her.

There was just one problem. I couldn't find any resources for going through the Bible with someone who wasn't already a Christian.

I worked full time in a church planting organization at the time so I asked my co-workers. Many had been in lifelong ministry and led churches. They didn't know of any resources either. The one recommendation I received was outdated and meant for a larger group.

This started a dream in my heart for a resource that could be shared and used to teach the Bible to unbelievers.

Earlier this year my friend, Melissa Deming, began sharing on her blog, Hive Resources, a tool she was developing for increasing Biblical literacy among the unchurched and new believers. Melissa wrote the book I had prayed for these past few years.

Melissa helped start a church in the Pittsburgh area and led a ministry to women who had little or no Bible training. Despite having grown up in a religious home, some never owned a Bible or read one outside of church. Additionally, many women were coming to faith in Christ out of a legalistic upbringing. This experience led to Melissa writing and publishing Crowned: Created for His Glory, Called by His Name. Here's why Melissa wrote Crowned in here own words:

"Crowned is born out of a need for women’s discipleship material that centered on who God created women to be rather than what they were expected to do after they came to faith in Christ. 

I needed a study that introduced young believers to the central truths of their salvation rather than giving them a religious checklist (pray, read your Bible, tithe, go to church).

And above all, I needed a study that relayed big truths in simple terms! Crowned is all of those things."

Crowned is a concise discipleship guide for every believer that roots a woman’s identity in King Jesus. Each chapter uncovers the significance of one of five foundational truths of salvation (creation, redemption, justification, adoption, and sanctification) by answering two key questions: Who is God? Who am I in Christ? From each of these truths concerning the character and activity of God, a disciple uncovers her kingdom destiny: who she is and how she’s meant to live in a modern world.

Melissa has generously offered to give a copy of Crowned away to one of you lovely readers. Simply enter to win below (only residents of the Continental US are eligible):

  This post is part of the 31 Days of Neighboring series.

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