Monday, April 16, 2012

Church Planting Success: The Hardest Part

This video was very hard for me. I’m a Florida girl who longs for mountains and cold weather. Seriously. I have a long term plan to move to the mountains someday and enjoy white winters and bearable summers…

When God moved on our hearts to move to Downtown Orlando in 2008, I started praying that God would help me love the city and its people. He was more than faithful to do that. But the last six months have been tumultuous and I’ve been hoping my mountain dream would come true sooner than expected. But alas God seems to be making it continually clear that we will be staying in “The City Beautiful.”

So I once again will only enjoy the mountains and the cold when I travel outside of Florida. I will bear my 29th summer of sweltering heat. And I will fight jealousy of those who can build snowmen, wake up to mountain views, and whose winter lasts more than one week in January.

But what I will gain are relationships that continue to grow toward Christian community, hurting people that know they can trust us, and validity in a city that we seek to see transformed for Christ’s glory. Besides that, no one else has The Drunken Monkey, Pom Poms, City Arts Factory, The Pour House, Lake Eola, The Magic, and numerous other gems that can only be found in Orlando.

So do you ever find it hard to ‘stay’? Why? What keeps you focused on being incarnational in your city?

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