Monday, January 16, 2012

I Stand in Awe

And I can’t believe what’s transpired in a few short hours…That a nineteen year old kid came up to us wanting to tithe to our ministry in Downtown Orlando. Saying he trusted us more than he trusted his church. Saying he had prayed about it. And after all this I’m starting to believe that we may be making a difference. That this kid is God affirming us. Reminding us to keep going. To be steadfast. To finish the race. 

And was this all it took? Bringing a few meals to them? Listening to them? Trying to appreciate them? Telling them they’re important? All this time did they just need to see that our actions lined up with our words? That we could be trusted? That we would stay the course?

And then an opportunity to finally find a niche in homeless ministry Downtown. Because I know what I’m good at and I know I can cook. And meals aren’t just food. There’s a theology to them and Jesus knew it. Weren’t they at the heart of his ministry? And if I'm not with people then I don't feel like I'm really doing ministry.

And a third blessing, to find a large cheap house that can hold many beating hearts. Because who wants one that doesn’t? To do ministry the way we want to do ministry you must have a place to house the broken and bleeding. And could this one be the one?

And this church planting thing has never gone like we anticipated but we’ve stayed faithful. What we really want to plant is the Gospel. And it’s working. God had a plan all along. And it’s nights like tonight that he reminds us that the church is people, not a building or a time on Sunday mornings, but people. Lost people. Found people. Coming together right where He always finds us all.


166. A basset hound to pet first thing in the morning while I'm still waking up
167. A crock-pot to have dinner waiting
168. My husband working a job where I can eat dinner with him every night
169. At least four nights a week to spend among the lost
170. An older wiser couple to enjoy a meal with
171. A new opportunity for homeless ministry


  1. That is amazing! I am so excited for the way things are going!

  2. Can boys leave comments here too?

    Joy, I want to affirm your understanding of the basic nature of church and ministry. I've been doing that for 25 years and don't have much on paper to show for it but I know God has used me in some cool ways, probably some I won't find out about until eternity.

    1. Yes, we love our brothers in Christ here :) Thanks so much for the encouragement, Brian. Let chat about this stuff soon.